Creating edible gardens that are beautiful, sustainable, and productive.

Garden Services

I offer consultations both in person and virtually to help you start, maintain, or expand on a thriving edible garden.


Optimize your space for sustainability and food production using ecological principles. We’ll discuss your vision, observe your space, and create a plan to set you on your journey forward.

Consultations & Coaching

An experienced mentor can help fast-track your gardening journey to maximize productivity and ensure success from the very start.


Give your garden the attention it needs to thrive. Regular or supplemental maintenance from an experienced gardener will keep it healthy and looking its best.

Garden Consultation & Design

On-site, 1 hr: We start with an in-person site visit to observe your space, select a suitable location, take measurements, and start planning. We will also discuss your goals, experience, lifestyle, and vision for your garden. Design plans can be created for a kitchen garden only (raised bed vegetable garden) or for incorporating edible plants into your overall landscape. You’ll receive a design to give to your contractor or to implement yourself. You will also receive a planting plan for the current season. Depending on the scope of the project, installation may be available as an additional service.

Virtual, 1 hr: Prior to our call, I will use your location to map details of your site. During our video conference, you will walk me through your property. We’ll discuss your goals, experience, lifestyle, and vision for your garden. We will then discuss next steps, whether you plan to DIY the project or hire a local contractor to install the garden. I will create a kitchen garden design for you to use yourself or to give to your contractor. DIY plans will include sourcing and resource recommendations. You will also receive a planting plan for the current season.

Site map: As an additional service, a detailed, to-scale map of your property can be created, with analysis of the site’s seasonal solar angles, water flow, prevailing winds, and other factors. I will create an overall design based on this information, with an emphasis on edible plantings. This portfolio will include a summary of your area’s climate information and growing conditions and, optionally, a soil test can be conducted for you and sent to a lab for analysis. This is a helpful one-time survey to have conducted for your site so you can start with a strong foundational design for your landscape over the years.

Garden Coaching

On-site or Virtual: This is a one-on-one educational and mentoring session tailored to your specific goals, needs, and questions. We will undertake garden maintenance (planting, watering, pruning, harvesting, etc.) together, establishing or building on foundational gardening knowledge and skills. I will also help troubleshoot any issues that arise or help anticipate potential setbacks in order to set you up for success. In addition, we can use part of the session to work through a gardening curriculum from week to week, so that you can grow progressively through the season as you get hands-on practice in your garden.

This service prioritizes coaching, so we may not get to all the necessary garden maintenance tasks. Taking on the remaining tasks yourself is a good way to put your knowledge to practice. A garden coaching and maintenance package is also an option so you can be sure that the garden is well managed even when your schedule is full.

Group coaching sessions are also available for small groups. Please inquire for details.

Garden Maintenance

Consistency and attention are key elements for gardening success. I can provide regular or supplemental maintenance to help your garden thrive, stay productive, and look its best. If you’d like full maintenance service, with fresh, organic harvest at the ready, and even instructions and recipes to help make use of your fresh produce, I offer weekly or bi-weekly subscription plans by the season. If you plan to undertake most of the garden maintenance yourself, I can come in during times you’re on vacation or seasonally to turn over the beds, replenish soil nutrients, and transplant new vegetables appropriate for the gardening season. Whatever your needs, custom maintenance plans can be created to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

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