PERSIMMON SUN  is an edible garden design, consulting, and coaching business serving the Washington, DC, and Montgomery Co., MD, areas on-site and anywhere virtually.

I’m an edible garden designer, consultant, and coach whose mission is to help others find a balance of beauty, sustainability, and productivity to nurture themselves, their loved ones, and the earth.

I’ve been gardening seriously for about 8 years, ever since moving to our current suburban home (I mostly lived in urban areas before that and dabbled in container gardening). After deep dives into many books, podcasts, and videos on all kinds of gardening approaches, from square-foot to permaculture to backyard orchard culture, I finally decided to turn my love (obsession?) of gardening into something more and am now working toward certification — as a garden consultant through Gardenary (expected by Sept. 2023) and as a permaculture designer through the Oregon State University’s Permaculture Design program (expected Dec. 2023).

I’m a writer by trade and came to gardening through my love of both food and nature (and writing about both!). I’m also a mother, home educator, and arts nonprofit leader, all of which has informed my journey as a gardener. As a creative professional, I’m struck by nature’s own creative process of making something out of virtually nothing. The evolution from seed to fruit is always a thrill to witness at every stage when I grow it myself! As a homeschooling mom of two children (6th and 3rd grades this year), I’m also an advocate of lifelong learning and believe that we learn best by discovering our own path and finding meaning in what we do. In my garden consulting, I’m committed to helping others meet their unique needs and goals, and to experiencing the joy of interacting with nature and cultivating life. 

I have experience in organic, sustainable, regenerative practices, as well as raised-bed, square-space gardening, backyard orchard culture, no-/low-till, and biointensive approaches. Whether your vision is to create an aesthetically pleasing edible garden space as an outdoor retreat that compliments your home and lifestyle, or to turn your property into a regenerative, bio-diverse edible landscape to restore nature’s balance – or anything in between! – we can work together to help bring your vision to life.